WORKING for OSX by /u/BitPar (Peercoin v0.4 reference source)

Bitpar, on Reddit, has posted a working version of, v0.4, for OS X.

I’ve installed it and confirmed that it works, and that, upon examination, it is what it says it is, and that nothing else was installed when the application was run. Here are the notes from my review.

River333 and I have pointed Bitpar to the open 200 PPC bounty for a working build and documented instructions to replicate for PeerUnity and Peershares, so I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to make this process repeatable for anyone who wants to try it. The current distribution that Bitpar released does not meet the requirements for the bounty, but I’m hopeful that it’s something that they will be able to collect with a little more work.

Many thanks to Bitpar!

Please let me know if this is something I should be announcing on Facebook, or if I should be waiting until it’s confirmed real. I’m not sure if it’s the final version either.

Other than the testing that I conducted this morning, and anyone else who would like to trial it as well, I’m not sure what we can do to really confirm that it is real :confused: Hopefully Bitpar will respond to the questions that I asked in the Reddit thread. If s/he can provide background on the changes that were made to get it to work, and I can validate that the posted SHA matches that commit, and there’s nothing else in there except for the reference client, my inclination will be that it’s legit (and can be shared).

Based on the date that the client reports for when it was built, it’s after the last commit from Sunny King to the repo, so it would be the “final” version for v0.4.0. This does not have any of the PeerUnity features that are included in the v0.1.0 build (coin control, minting menu item, updated localizations, etc.), so if a Mac user is looking for those, they will need to wait for the PeerUnity build to be released (the bounty will hopefully speed that up).

Ben, I would make sure to PM him on Reddit, just in case he didn’t see your questions or the post about the bounty.

I would be very careful with this. I would not use it or announce it at all, Ben needs to be told the changes and we can distribute his version, I made some good progress on my MAC build environment last night so we are not that far away from it and would be a huge black mark if a wallet stealer was released with latest peercoin mac client.


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I agree with Fuzzy, the risk is to high. Why should he not tell us the changes and take the reward as long as the changes are clean

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Bitpar is going to try to claim the bounty, so while caution is a good thing, I also believe that the actions show someone on the up-and-up. Time will tell.

bounties are good to attract interest in the project… but do not usually mean the best work is done as a result or that code / builds are maintained. the attraction of a one off bounty means the developer can rush the process to be the first over the finish line just to claim the bounty. This is a very important binary to produce and again I re-itterate my desire for a long standing member to produce the build and distribute off the guide from bitpar. Bitpar can be guaranteed this bounty if this happens imo, and we should try welcome him to come over here and join the github group etc.


@Fuzzy: To receive the bounty, Bitpar will need to meet the requirements. They were intentionally designed so that the end result isn’t a one-off application, but rather, a repeatable set of instructions that deal with the Boost and Qt issues introduced with OSX 10.9.

I’ve already publicly said that I’d be willing to maintain the OS X builds, but until I’m able to consistently build them on my machines, I’m not able to step up and fulfill that job :confused:

I agree that it’s better for the community if we’ve got consensus and can have multiply Gitian signed builds available from different developers who have used the same code base. We’re not quite there yet, but hopefully, if he’s able to provide documentation that gets us over the current technical issues, that we’ll be there soon.

Just curious as someone that is relatively new to the peercoin community if this current build is OK to install on my mac. I am running 10.9.3 currently.

Also, I know this doesn’t particularly apply to this thread, but is there any advice or information available for mac users if this wallet doesn’t work. I am currently running PPCOIN-QT v0.3. From what I gathered all of the coins in the wallet would be safe we just would not be able to update the block information or send or receive new coins.

Sorry for the sidebar, just curious as to how to proceed.

I’m still waiting for confirmation of what changes were made, so I can’t, at this time, say that it’s safe or not :frowning: I’ll provide an update as soon as I have any additional information.

Once we have a confirmed v0.4 OS X build, I’ll be happy to provide instructions on how to safely transfer from v0.3 (or, if it takes longer than expected, I’ll do that tonight or tomorrow morning).

Thanks for the information. I’ve been following the reddit thread as well.

I would really appreciate that