WIRE SUMMIT 2018 | A Private Blockchain Investment Summit

Q. When and where is it on?
We are looking forward to hosting our first and foremost Investor Edition Event under the banner of BTC Wires as WIRE SUMMIT 2018. The Event hosted at one of the Prominent Locations in the Capital City of India - New Delhi is expected to attract a lot of blockchain enthusiasts, experts, influencers, investors owing to its strategic location and government organisations.

The event scheduled for December 2, 2018, will commence at 0900HRS IST.

Q. How many years has it been going?
As discussed earlier, this is our first event, and we have brought together a team of experienced members from all walks of the industry to make this summit at par with industry expectations.
Also, we are hosting a private event with a guest list limited to only reputed and investing members of the Startup Community.

Q. What was the inspiration to start it?
BTCWires as a media house have been invited world over by various Organisations and Companies to be a part of their Business Conferences and Blockchain Summits. Hence, it was only natural for us to make a transition over the same, concerning the opportunity and connect in the industry already achieved.

We have found ourselves to be in a better position to facilitate and Promote Blockchain Investments over time with the experience gained.

Q. What exciting things can people look forward to at WIRESUMMIT 2018?
A particular process devised for participation in the event enables both startups and investors to be shortlisted before the Summit-based upon their Value proposition and Investment portfolio respectively.

It will save a lot of time for the parties involved in conducting due diligence, verification and validation of the Proof of Concept. The particular idea was to maintain a high conversion ratio and successful closures.

Q. What opportunities are on offer for those attending?
We will be introducing the startups and companies to experienced Investors, Venture Capitalists and Funds hand picked by our team and ready to explore opportunities in Blockchain and Crypto Segment. In fact, the closed nature will enable an active network among attendees.

Q. What tips would you give to people attending to get the most out of it?
We are actively looking to connect the participating companies and investors before the event. To help reach a final deal at the day of the Summit itself.

Q. How can people book tickets / when does it usually sell out?
Unfortunately, the format of the event is limited and reserved only to select members and handpicked by the organising committee on a case to case basis. However, you can always request an invite and enrol for participation using the below link.

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