Why isn't kraken trading peercoin?

I’ve noticed kraken recently added dogecoin to their trading options. It’s a blow for us as I’d have thought peercoin would have been a better long term choice.
Also these things are cyclic; Greater trading volume ->more attractive to exchanges ->more exchange adoption ->greater trading volume.

Another exchange adding PPC to fiat right now is key as the volume boost is enhanced by trading from arbitragers.

Any thoughts on what we can do to improve our chances of being next on the list?

Kraken is technically great but their choice of cryptos is miserable… remember, they have XPM crap too. Already asked them about PPC btw… Hope they will open their eyes a bit more.

It’s quite simple. Exchanges carry coins that their users want and demand.

This question is better posed by you to Kraken. If you get a response from them, please share it with us.

Keep in mind that most coin communities make a lot of “noise” to exchange owners to try and get them to carry their coins. It is easy for them to turn a deaf ear if they just get a bunch of non-customers asking them to carry their coin.

There is a greater importance if their own actual exchange users, who have an account there, ask them to carry Peercoin.

I sent them an e-mail at the same time of posting. Their reply;

"Hi Hanzie,

It’s nothing against peercoin. Every currency we add means initial development and ongoing support work for us, so there’s a limit to how fast we can add coins. We might add peercoin eventually, but I don’t know when.


Kraken Support"

Since posting I realised Vault of Satoshi does exchange peercoin to fiat. Looks like a promising exchange.

Here’s their reply to my message about PPC trading, so I guess PPC won’t be seen there soon :frowning:


Thanks for asking. We don’t have any plans to add any other digital currencies at the present time. We’re open to adding more currencies in the future, but every currency we add first has to go through a lengthy process of evaluation. For example, in the case of Namecoin, we found a serious bug in the protocol during our evaluation process.


The bug was of course fixed before we allowed trading in Namecoin on our exchange. This evaluation process takes valuable time away from other important development projects, and at the present time we can’t spare the resources needed to add a new currency.

We’ve noticed quite a few request about Peercoin lately though, I will bring it up with our developers.


Kraken Support

I received the same generic answer by Joe from their support…