Whoever is on the Team Should have Access to the Private Board Now

I just wanted to make a thread about this letting people know, because certain people didn’t realize if they were on the Peercoin team they had access to the private board. You can access it here…


From the home page, it should be the top board called “Private Members Board” There’s some stuff going on in there that might need your feedback.

I would love to get access to that board as well. I may be able to contribute around writing, branding and some elements of digital design.

You just need to fill out the survey then. Do you need a link?

Hi hammy. I just got you down on the volunteer list from the survey. Ill make note of your talents, and you should find yourself on the team board soon!

hammyburger you are now a peercoin activist :slight_smile:

Anyone else that needs to be made a member of this group then please PM me or better yet put your name on this thread

Many Thanks


Excellent. Incredible. Thank you!