Which stage does Peercoin belong to?

In the Top 1 media of China govement post a article, it mentioned:
Blockchain V1.0 aims to digital currency; blockchian v2.0 aims to smartcontract, It can be used in financial markets; blockchain v3.0 will be adapted in more area, even create one “blockchain era”.

So which stage does peercoin belong to? V1.0?

Article link: http://paper.people.com.cn/rmrb/html/2018-02/26/nw.D110000renmrb_20180226_1-17.htm

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Peercoin is so called “first generation” blockchain but it never wanted to be a currency but a “backbone”. Now “backbone” is called “settlement layer” as Blockstream is evolving Bitcoin-core into so called settlement layer. Same meaning, different expressions.
So, Peercoin and now Bitcoin-core are still first generation blockchains which are aiming to be so called settlement layers. Not sure where does that fit in classification proposed by that article.


In my opinion peercoin by itself is a 1st generation coin. However the various add ons being developed for peercoin such as peerassets give it 2nd and 3rd gen capablity if and when required.