Which GPU do you guys use to mine XPM?

Here is a news says that the president of Alphabet and co-founder of Google on Sunday said he’s mining Ethereum with his son use a gaming PC. I think that is to say they mine Etherum with a GPU which is good for gaming; it must be Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti or titan V. Actullay the Nvidia Graphic cards are not that good as AMD in mining as far as I know.

I use some AMD RX 570 and RX 580 cards to mine XPM these days. The problem is that the full power of AMD cards are always limited by high temperature, though I already used liquid coolers. In my mind, the AMD Graphic Card is the best way to mine XPM now. So I want to know if you guys have some better ideas? Maybe the next generation Nvidia Graphic cards, 1180 be better than AMD card?

Yes Nvidia cards are better choices for gaming, and for mining it depends. As to my memory Nvidia cards are better for Zcash, and AMD for ETH and Primecoin (yes Primecoin!)

As for specific cards, it gets complicated. Are you using the blockchain drive from AMD?

Hmm…Does that mean mining is getting profitable?

It really depends, you should pay your electric bill, haha.
If we can make primecoin better, the price will go up, then mining is getting more profitable.

Someone told me that the Nvidia GFX 1180 may ban the mining function, which means they want you buy it for gaming only. So you’d better keep eyes on AMD cards.

I am also using AMD Graphic Card and it works very well. Haha

Very disappointed with existing cards. I am waiting for the next generation

Cards are really expensive these days. Do you think someday someone will make ASIC for Primecoin?

I think ASIC will come, if the price of Primecoin is high enough.

To be honest, I do not want to that happen. When ASIC for XPM are made, it is hard for me to use graphic card to mine.

Well, I agree. ASIC means centralization of calculating power.