Whatever happened to Sunny King?

He has not posted since january. Is he still a part of peercoin or has he left the project?

We had a meeting with him last month.


According to his profile, he was online 3 hours ago…

He doesn’t seem to post publicly anymore. I’m not sure if that will change or not. But as Nagalim said above, we are in communication with him.


How is the community still in contact with him if he does not post publicly anymore?

Also i think some type of regular updates should be released once in a while so peercoin does not look dead from the outside.

Email and our development channel on peercoin.chat…

We do right here, but we’ve been pretty busy and haven’t had time to release one recently…


Is this peercoin.chat app a private chat room? If so will it be possible to embed it into the forum and make it avaliable to anyone to use with a forum account? Something like the chat room we used to have on the old forum would make it easier for non-developers to stay up to date with what is going on…


The one sunny talks in is private, but there are many channels that aren’t private. There’s also a telegram community that’s linked via a bot. You can already log in using your github login, though it doesn’t have support for your forum ID.

A legitimate question indeed… Where is Sunny King?

Would be nice to see his updates again.

His last post was in the v0.6 release thread…

Unfortunately he doesn’t do them anymore. The current team puts out occasional updates though when there is something new to report. They can be found here…


Well, that’s good to hear as long as he is around.
Take good care of him, it would be nice to hear from him now and then.

He is mostly busy with other things in his life at the present. Peercoin is still important to him, but he can’t make the time commitment necessary to be a big part right now. Fortunately, there is a whole team of people taking care of Peercoin right now. Peercoin is open source and public, it is bigger than one developer.


I find that hard to believe given the fact he just accepted a full time position at some other crypto development team

Is that not ‘other things’? Another job is actually exactly what I was thinking when i made that statement. I am not SKs keeper, and neither should you be. Who are we to say what employment opportunities this man is and is not allowed to take?

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I am pointing out the contradiction in your statement not trying to tell SK what to do with his time. In all honesty it is probably best SK step away from development as peercoin enters the next phase of it’s life.

What contradiction? I said SK was doing other things and cant be the entire Peercoin team himself anymore. He has another job, so he doesn’t have time to be a full time peercoin developer. I don’t really get your point here. He’s also made no indication that he is “stepping away” from peercoin any more than he has in the last few years.