What open source forums do you guys prefer

Hi all, I think it is time to have a new forum of our own. It is rather inconvenient to host all our conversations under a obscure branch under Peercoin’s website. I am working on a new forum and I hope to bring it online by this week, and release a public version by the next.
Which software do you guys prefer? I am considering Discourse, Vanilla and bbPress. Or any that you recommend. Let me know your thoughts.

Hello Osamu, do you have pictures for Discourse, Vanilla or bbPress? So they can give us some ideas.

You are currently using discourse.

You could check their demo at: http://www.discourse.org/

On the up side, around here you get friendly moderators and a fellow community that shares ‘views’ (both perspective and forum participants). SK even pops up around here from time to time, so there’s some dev collaboration to be had. Maybe our communities could learn from each other by maintaining our connection.

Yes, Nagalim, this forum is nice and we may have chance to meet SK here. Howerver, it is weird to introduce this forum to friends or retailors. They always ask, Why the primecoin forum is just a sub in the official peercoin forum? I spent al ot of time to introduce the relation between primecoin peercoin and SunnyKing to them everytime.

Actually,the idea that primecoin need a own forum came to me for a long time, but, you know, there is not a community and I can not do it by myself only. Now Osamu has the same idea with me, that is good!

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Everyone will have free choice to choose which forum they prefer. The idea is to have a dedicated space for Primecoin. I am sure SK will be joining us at the new forum as well. I am looking into an API that allows us to share posts between the two forums.

I prefer discourse. Do you need any help?

When will it be created

Thanks for the input. We will be needing an administrator when the site is up if you would be interested.

The test version will be up by Monday and I hope it will be publicly accessible by the end of next week.

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Oh well that looks nice. Seems you have reached a consensus, so good luck with the development!

That’s nice