What measures (if any) are or will be implemented to address “nothing-at-stake”?


There are several ideas about how to address the problem that participants may attempt to generate proof of stake blocks in several block chain at the same time without any cost for them intrinsic to the Peercoin system other than the possible damage to the reputation of the currency and therefore the devaluation of the attacker’s own stake (but note that the attacker can protect himself from the devaluation with the use of financial derivatives or using lent Peercoins). As far as I know, this has been a mostly hypothetical scenario (if there have been successful exploits, please let me know), but nonetheless I hope that there are plans to address this so that we can be confident that there will never been a real exploit. I have heard that the next version of Peercoin clients will implement some protection. Could you please elaborate on what protection measures are already in place and what ones are planned to be implemented?