What is the -m option on jhprimeminer?

On ypool.net under how to for XPM, it says to run the following:
jhPrimeMiner.exe -u . -p -m 31 -m2 37 -m3 43 -m4 47
What does the -m -m2 -m3 -m4 do? I searched on google and can’t find an answer. This line also doesn’t compile on mine, and require the -o. Maybe I have an older version of jhprimeminer.

In my understanding this is the primorial number, which you use to find chain origin written as (random number)*(Primirial)+/-1.

foe example Primorial 47(or 47#) is 235*…*47.

Does that mean you can have m5, m6, m7, etc.? Or only m, m2, m3, and m4?