Welcome to PeercoinTalk London Bitcoin Conference Attendees

Hello and welcome to the forum for Peercoin and Primecoin :slight_smile:

For starters I appologise for the Captcha, questions and post restrictions on the forum. This is designed to keep spam posts out. Just for some clarification:

You will NOT be able to start a new thread until you have replied twice on any thread.

The questions if written out number requires written out answers. i.e. Q: one plus one A: two

Here are some useful Threads on the forum to start you off:
Introduce yourself to the community here for one of your 2 posts as a reply before starting new thread


Get set up with a Peercoin wallet
Example of a Peercoin Conf file
Guide to setting your POS minting for your Peercoins
Another Guide to setting your POS minting for your Peercoins if locked wallet


POS - Proof of Stake discussion
List of sites and Services that accept Peercoins
Developer SunnyKing of Peercoins and Primecoins weekly updates
Few FAQ on Peercoins
Advertise your business on this forum
If you have any issues with the forum please post them here
If you have any requests for features on the forum please raise them in here

Buy Peercoins

List of exchanges that you can buy Peercoins

Video Guides
Very useful video guides to help you get setup with your wallet etc

Welcome The New York Times (NYT) Readers
Recent activity in the NYT I have created a board for anyone finding themselves at the forum through the NYT article

[size=12pt]Social Media sites[/size]
Don’t forget of course we own the peercoin social media pages as well so be sure to tweet, like and upvote and join as needed to keep up to date on latest news and activity.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Peercoin
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peercoinppc
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/peercoin
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?home=&gid=7412858

Also if you have not seen it already then check out the homepage for peercoin: http://peercoin.net

You will find us a friendly, busy active community that is ever expanding and there are lots of activities and projects to get involved with so don’t be shy!

Any questions please feel free to PM me or ask in the chat box on the homepage.