Weekly Update #217

Weekly Update #217

  • We have transferred our official source code repositories from ppcoin organization to peercoin organization on github, to match the branding efforts.
  • I am happy to announce that the peercoin core development team welcomes hrobeers and peerchemist to join the team. In 2017 the team plans to release newer versions of peercoin that matches with latest functionalities of bitcoin.

Happy New Year!


Excellent news! Happy New Year to the core dev team and everyone on the forum.

Thank you Sunny King, Hrobeers and Peerchemist for leading Peercoin development. One day I believe your hard work will gain the recognition that it deserves.

Let’s all make it a great 2017

Big things coming for Peercoin in 2017. Happy new year everybody!

Happy new year all!

Thanks for including me officially in the team.
2017 will be the year of my first peercoin protocol proposals!

woo, exciting!

how sensical looking https://github.com/peercoin/peercoin


Happy new year :grin:

Better late than never :wink:

That’s great news. Unfortunately I’ve not been able to follow Peercoin too much lately, but I look forward to seeing how things turn out.