Weekly Update #167

Weekly Update #167

[ul][li]It took a few more days to confirm the internal testing results. Code has passed final internal testing. Release candidate will be cut and build started before the weekend. Expect release candidate build around this weekend.[/li]
[li]If you plan to test the release candidate on testnet, and are short of testnet coins, you can turn on mining on testnet: ppcoind -testnet setgenerate true 1, or ask in the forum for coins from other developers. Try turning on minting on your testnet node before upgrade to better test the upgrade and protocol switch. Testnet protocol switch is tentatively scheduled to be around next weekend after release candidate build.[/li]
[li]Please note this is planned testnet deployment intended for devs and testing nodes. This does not affect mainnet operations and typical users. If you plan to test the release candidate on testnet, please look for announcement in the peercointalk forum.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

Looking forward to this. My testnetwallet is on standby and synchronised.

BTW just drop me a note here or in PM with a testnet address and the number of coins you are after and I will get you up to 100k test coins per request over the weekend to start testing.

Great news. I can’t wait for final release :slight_smile:

exciting! \o/

Im expecting too about the release. Do you have any ETA about the final release?

Kind Regards