Weekly Update #119

Weekly Update #119

[ul][li]Excoin (https://exco.in/) is a relatively new exchange with sleek presentation. Excoin now supports both peercoin and nushares trading.[/li]
[li]Coinnomi (http://coinomi.com/) android wallet app now supports peercoin, nubits and nushares, with collaboration from the nubit team.[/li][/ul]

Have fun!

Sunny King, do you have any updates on the progress being made on Peercoin 0.5.0 (core)? The “around the community” updates are nice, but what most of us are really interested in is what’s going on behind the scenes.

Your last code commit to the develop branch on Github was at the end of July. SigMike’s was in the middle of October (and I know he’s been mostly working on Nu, so that’s expected). It would be really nice to have an update on how the migration is going from BDB to LevelDB, and if you’ve identified additional updates beyond the integration of Bitcoin v0.8.6.


Any word on Primecoin would be nice too:)

The awaited changes for Peercoin 0.5.0 depends more on me than Sunny. I’m still working on cold minting a made good progresses recently.

This is done already and can be tested (with caution) by building the develop branch.

I discussed that with him and the only missing updates seem to be cold minting and null data outputs. Maybe also renaming the datadir and binaries from ppcoin to peercoin.

Thank you, SigMike.

I trust that in your hands that things will proceed.

This commit might help as I went and changed PPCoin to Peercoin for all my builds