Waves platform vs. Peercoin

So what does Waves platform plan to deliver to the cryptocurrency world? They have got about 30000 Bitcoins during their ICO.
Waves is being designed from scratch to deliver new and shiny features:

  1. Blockchain based tokens
  2. Decentralized p2p token exchange
  3. Easy to use lite wallet
  4. p2p messaging
  5. Per asset (token) voting and dividend distribution

So it got me thinking, where did I hear about this features before? Oh, yes. Peercoin.

  1. Blockchain based tokens
  • PeerAssets?
  1. Decentralized p2p token exchange
  • PeerAssets?
  1. Easy to use lite wallet
  • PeerKeeper?
  1. p2p messaging
  • Peermessage?
  1. Per asset (token) voting and dividend distribution
  • PeerAssets?

Once again, lack of marketing got use to lose this sweet spot in the market. Marketing and lack of support for our developers.
Also, think about it. Waves issue 100M of their tokens, Peercoin has about 24M. A week old blockchain vs. 4 years old blockchain?
Where would you rather invest your money?

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