Wallet "Total" figure

As of 10 April, the total number of Peercoins in my wallet was a number ending “…814”. I know this because, when I save a backup of the wallet, I use the date and number of Peercoins as the filename.

Last night, however, I noticed that the total number of Peercoins in my wallet was 112 coins lower “…702”

This morning, it is back to the previous number (plus a few extra coins from minting). Is it possible for the number in the Total column to go down?

The only different thing I have done recently was send 4 PPC on 10 April - would that have caused the Total figure to temporarily dip?

I had this same issue when I minted my first invalid block a couple of months ago. My total balance dropped by the number of coins which were used to mint the invalid block.

I found that the total number of coins prior to the minting of the invalid block returned when I restarted the peercoin client.

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Thanks, I had an unconfirmed/abandoned minting on 15 April, so that must be it.
Maybe this is something that could be tweaked in a future release, so that the total remains constant in this scenario.

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