Wallet synchronization keeps getting stuck at the same spot

Didn’t use peercoin wallet for a long time, installed the new version, and always get stuck in the same place, the same date October first, 2019.

It’s outdated and on old hard fork. Likely.

Do you know what would be the solution for that?

Update to the latest wallet and resync your local instance of the blockchain.

It’s the latest version, few times I deleted it and reinstalled it but always blocks at the same place

You need to delete everything in the datadir except wallet.dat and then restart the client.

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I did that a few times and always the same, same percentage and same date.

Backup your wallet and delete the entire directory. You are not having an issue with your keys, you’re having an issue downloading the chain. Do a fully fresh run, like you’re just installing Peercoin new, then once it’s all synced drop in your wallet backup.