Video: Becoming a Volunpeer for Peercoin

This is the video I’m currently putting together, I’m outlining my rough notes here to help get everything together.

  1. What brought me to peercoin

  2. What is a volunpeer

  • Overview
  • Hours commitment
  1. You don’t have to be a developer to make an impact

  2. Drawing - explaining the strategic approach

  3. My experience at the NYC Bitcoin Conference

  4. Where are we heading?

  5. Sign-up

I could probably help you with the music / soundtrack on this if you want? I make this kind of stuff:

[quote=“cshelswell, post:2, topic:514”]I could probably help you with the music / soundtrack on this if you want? I make this kind of stuff:[/quote]

Listened to Fryngies / Modifier Remix, cool stuff.

Chelswell - Would this kind of video be better with light music in the background, or only sound effects to highlight the big points? ( actually has an extremely well made video on its front page that illustrates the sound effects highlight approach). You’ve got a lot more musician experience than the rest of us, your input would be huge!

Yeah the bitcoin video is really good. I think you’re right that’s exactly the kind sound I think would work with the video. I can definitely do something like that :slight_smile: If when you have some footage ready I can get an idea of sounds and work with you to get something really cool :slight_smile:

Video idea: Attracting investors

(I believe) we need to put together a great 5 minute video that explains to investors how they can get started with Peercoin immediately.

  • Improvements over Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin in x year was worth y amount, early investment opportunity for Peercoin at about 38 cents

Absolutely agreed. If there’s something created that looks a bit cool, modern and arty like the bitcoin video I think it creates a more “approachable” feel to the coin. It should definitely outline it’s uses, encourage being paid/paying by PPC for work or products.

The video would be a great asset at things like conferences etc and also a great way of introducing the coin on the website.

I’ve had a look at the bitcoin video and I should be able to make some music / FX up in a similar manner. So if you’ve got the skills to make the video I think this would be a very worthy project.