Very long transaction time

I’m starting to worry.
A simple transaction of coins is going on for all night and half a day.
What could be wrong, already 118 confirmations!

As far as peercoin is concerned, this transaction is complete. Who is telling you it isn’t? Are you trying to receive on a client or an exchange? If an exchange, you’ll need to contact their support.

Thanks for your reply. Strange, the confirmations ar still counting

It will continue counting to infinity.

Thx for your fast support!

6 confirmations is what the client calls “complete”, but with blockchains there isn’t a fundamental concept of finality. The deeper the txn is in the chain (i.e. the number of confirmations), the more ‘final’ it is. For all intents and purposes, it is complete after 6 confirmations.


I have made a transaction of 41ppc to my address it is more then 12hours still I am waiting for the funds to get credited to my address,
wat is time duration for withdrawal to ppc

Your transaction is confirmed.

I’ve you’re waiting for it to be deposited somewhere, you should contact that second party.