US exchanges

I’ve a friend in the U.S. who wants to buy crypto for the first time. Coinbase has been suggested to me as a fiat/dollar gateway for people in the USA, can anyone recommend any other? Thanks.



Used Coinbase for five years. No issues. Fees are ridiculous but its the only thing I’ve ever used to onboard fiat

Thanks for the comments. I’ll pass them on.

What about for PPC?

I’ve been using Bittrex and Poliniex; but Poloniex is no longer an option since dropping PPC and Bittrex, well, unfortunately for me living in the great state of Connecticut no longer can use the service. :frowning:

Any recommended exchanges to get hold of PPC for us folk here in the US of A? (Hoping that Connecticut residence can have access)

I’m in the US also. I was able to buy some off SouthXchange the other day.

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Also facing this issue. I’m working on getting some more US exchanges when they come along.