Upgraded to newest version and wallet is empty

I just upgraded to version 0.8 and low and behold my balance went to 0. Any idea on how to get them back?

as long as you have your wallet.dat you should be able to get them back, idk why you have 0 balance now after you upgraded, have you tried starting the client with -rescan , or -salvagewallet , or idk… it is looking in the wrong place for the datadir maybe, and it starts with a new wallet?
just some guesses, maybe you can find some clue in debug.log

It does start with a new wallet. How do I restart it with salvage wallet?

if it is using the wrong wallet.dat i dont think that will help, you have to make sure it is using your correct/old wallet.dat , maybe you can have a look in the datadir, %APPDATA%\peercoin on windows, ~/.peercoin on linux, hmm i might have a clue now btw, old version used \ppcoin as datadir, maybe that is what happened? you just need to move wallet.dat from ppcoin to peercoin folder?

Well the good news is I got the coins back. The bad news is it stopped syncing 5 hours ago, which is the same time I go the coins back.

okay, so the issue was probably that you had to resync, and at the beginning of synchronizing your wallet address was still empty, until you synced with the blocks containing transactions sending coins to your addresses it appears empty.
try restarting the client when it gets stuck syncing

Thanks for all of your help. I tried what you posted here and it was still a no go. Fortunately I was able to get the previous version back up and running. I then created a new wallet on a different computer, from there it was just a matter of sending everything to the new address.

Once again thank you for your help.

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