Unconfirmed mint by stake

I have two issues which I need help on:

On 24 November, I had a mint by stake (4.43 ppc) but it has not confirmed - it is still greyed out. Here are the details:

Status: 0/unconfirmed
Date: 24/11/2015 22:51
Debit: 0.00 PPC
Retained amount: 321.777855 PPC until 520 more blocks
Transaction ID: 003b6c6d5a2e9a0edc99d13bb387511cee65ac999a8f18c0dd660e2eb41c355d

The second issue is that, on my minting tab, I have extra peercoins which I did not have before - 326.207855ppc - and these are in the same address that generated the above mentioned mint by stake - PX5oLLREj8bYsc3BR3mTevc3cFCwqnNz67

Any comments on how I can get it straightened out?

Many thanks

P.S. I am using Peerunity. The block chain is up to date, and the overview tab displays the correct amount of peercoins (i.e. lower than the total in the mint tab)

I suspect that your block was orphaned. This happens. (Though it’s much less common with Peercoin than with shorter blocktime coins!)

Most likely someone else minted a block with higher coin-age right around the same time you minted yours. The good news is that there is no lasting harm because you will still earn earn ~1% APR when the coins eventually do mint again on the primary chain.

You can minimize the risk of this happening again by making sure that you have a good Internet connection with at least 8 peers.

P.S. The 326.207855 PPC represents the output (stake + reward) that you would have received had the block been accepted into the primary chain. Your client records the transaction in it’s history, but it’s greyed out because it’s not part of the primary chain.

It sounds like you minted a orphan. This means that someone else minted a block seconds within yours and broadcasted it to the network faster and hence their block was accepted and yours was not. There is no long term loss to you however because when your stake mints again you will still get your 1% per year.