Hi Support,

I have a wallet sitting on my pc and it’s got a few of your Peercois in it. That’s all good I thought but my Windows Defnder Security Centre ust flagged up the installation file I used to install the wallet as a severe Trojan. See screenshot. It’s quarantined now but this particular one is the type to lock a pc and demand Bitcoin as ransom. A little specific to crypto is I do say so. Can you tell me if I’m mistaken?

what’s the SHA256sum output on the “” file? It should be “04ec0e385577ee21f6cd11f2c5b88efa2e4d129bea1198ef53e8c6ba828785fc”

Download only from official site.

I downloaded the wallet from your newcomers page
Antivirus has detected torjan.gen.NPE in

It’s not trojan. It’s safe.


Can you be more specific…

Unzip, and scan files …


Yep, I’m having the same problem.
Can you verify that it’s safe and why?

Read the post I’ve linked just above.

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