Translations needed pleas help

The peercoin wallet for android and ios version 1 is in beta and almost out
Please help to get it in your own language.
Take a look at peercoin-flutter/assets/translations at main · jointhepartypooper/peercoin-flutter · GitHub and make a pull request.

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It is forked from Bitcoin, but BTC don’t have translations :slight_smile:

flutter_peercoin is forked from flutter_bitcoin: GitHub - peercoin/peercoin_flutter: Wallet for Peercoin and Peercoin Testnet written in Flutter
to make a pr you need to make a fork of your own and add a translation file

I think I cold do the translation. These days I’m very busy with kids, family and our home so there is not much time but i’ll try to give it a try unless somebody else is faster than me :wink::bomb:

If making a pull request is too much work, just upload a de.json file here and we ll do the rest.
If wording is a thing, you can take a look at another project on github for inspiration: bitcoin-wallet/wallet/res/values-de at master · bitcoin-wallet/bitcoin-wallet · GitHub

first verion

I forked from peercoin/peercoin_flutter, did some changes and created a pull request (taisnif on github). Hopefulluy I meet your workflow with this, otherwise advice is very much apprechiated. I did not fork from @thehuntergames because it seems to be not up to date.