I tried to transfer my PPC from my Peercoin moblile wallet to Coinomi mobile.

Now I noticed that the Peercoin wallet had changed the send address and now it has not arrived at the Coinomi wallet.

Can I somehow get my PPC back?


Tell us the addresses on both ends.

Coinomi has not been able to handle v3 transactions since they were implemented. I tried communicating with them to solve the problem, but they don’t seem to care.

You must use this tool to get your private keys:


from Peercoin wallet: PU3QEXZB2VQB7P8dUm3Vku3j623Fc28foq
to Coinomi: PS4QFu362B3jSpy3AvAvw4RJs2Hb7RtiK9

In coinomi I have another small problem: the PPC that are on it now are not displayed in euro. (main screen) It says 0.00 EUR. Underneath it is the transaction and when I press it I see the amount of PPC and in euros.
How can I also see all valuers in the main screen?

There are no outgoing transactions from address this PU3QEXZB2VQB7P8dUm3Vku3j623Fc28foq.

This means your coins are at PU3QEXZB2VQB7P8dUm3Vku3j623Fc28foq.

If possible, please do not use coinomi for Peercoin. Instead, use Peercoin mobile wallet.

Okay. But how do I send them back to mij Peercoin mobile wallet?


Which wallet handles this address: PU3QEXZB2VQB7P8dUm3Vku3j623Fc28foq?

The Peercoin mobile wallet created this adres after I first used the Coinomi mobile address. (PS4QFu362B3jSpy3AvAvw4RJs2Hb7RtiK9)

Try the following:

-update to latest version
-perform rescan (this may take a while)
-go to address book and enable “Show balance”