Transaction is stuck

transaction fees for peercoin as I now know is 0.1 PPC, so, but in ledger-wallet application is not strictly defined, even if I click on “high fees” and etc (I used lower than 0.1 ppc), it wont change if before you set lower fees, as result transaction is stuck with 0 confirmations

Is there a way to increase transaction amount? or it constantly fixed?

Ledger did not do Peercoin fees right in this new application, issue has been reported.

thanks for info.

one more question, if you would like…

If signed transaction was rejected, what’s going next.
is it stays where it was? or what? Or will it be on the mempool with unconfirmed transactions?

Do you know the txid maybe?

sure…I sent pm to you

Good afternoon. Tell me, please, downloaded Primecoin Walet and at the address indicated in it translated the coins. And only then I saw that my wallet is not synchronized, what should I do now ???

@IvanSan you should wait for it until it is synchronized (takes a while) btw they are talking about peercoin here, not primecoin

I’m sorry, I found only a forum. what are my actions, just wait? leave the application turned on or without a difference? and my coins will still arrive?

Just leave the application running. It is downloading the chain.

OK. I will try. many thanks