Trading PPC <> USD and EUR

Hey guys,

If you are looking for an easy, friendly place to trade PPC <> fiat in large chunks, we can help.

My name is Chris, some of you guys know me already. I work at Iterative Capital in New York, which owns two PoW mining facilities. We run an OTC trading desk called i2 Trading which trades Peercoin and other PoW currencies for USD and Euro.

On-boarding to our trading desk requires filling out a few forms and providing some form of ID. We do a quick background check, and all trading happens via Skype, Signal or Keybase chat. You ask us for a quote, and we’ll name a price. We are a licensed wholesale dealer at the Federal and state level and we can take international clients.

We trade blocks as small as $25K and as large as $10M.

To get started, enter your name and email on our website, or send me an email (




would it be possible to do PPC <> BTC also?

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Oh, yes definitely. You can pair any of the coins we trade, which are listed on the website:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • DCR
  • SIA
  • ZEC
  • ZEN
  • PPC
  • LTC
  • XMR
  • VRC
  • ETH
  • ETC

I tweeted this out. Thanks for providing this option Chris…

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News also posted to r/cryptocurrency subreddit…

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Awesome thank you!