I got a question, why is the address in the list starts with “b” instead of “p” ?

hmm indeed


Looks like a typo, Peercoin has 0x37 = 55 version byte for main network, bitinfocharts is creating addresses with 0x55 = 85 version byte
#4 (add version byte)

There is also another issue
#5 top address is still active but it isn’t updated from November, correct version of this address is P8tx5ggfB6T873N4ubwSnTCZxXGEX1Nf9E and is unable to show its balance because of too many records. This address is quite heavily minting stake coins.

Blockparser stats for P8tx5ggfB6T873N4ubwSnTCZxXGEX1Nf9E

transactions = 48688 received = 3751248.30000000 spent = 3205020.78000000 balance = 546227.52000000

@kactech, which blockparser did you use?

Can you also get the total number of accounts of Peercoin whose balance is greater than zero?



info: found 12912 addresses with non zero balance info: found 267067 addresses in total