This coin is dead!?! Introducing


Peercoin has been pronounced dead so many times over the course of the last years, that I just lost track. Do you feel the same?
Wait no longer! is here to help you track since when this coin is actually dead!
Disclaimer: Answer might shock you.

Dear Peerhistorians, please help me gather events for this website.
The Github repo has a small tutorial how to do that:

Lazy people can just open Github issues with links to events and let me do the rest. They will be considered lazy though.

Buy me a a moscow mule @ PPXMXETHJE3E8k6s8vmpDC18b7y5eKAudS

Happy 2021

P. S. Flutter is awesome, but I just needed a break and write some React :slight_smile:


Etherium blockchain - 6,721 GB , BTC - 312 GB. Will you download it?

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Haha very nice

I will, bcz it’s worth . would you laugh the mining machine for btc? does it worth?

The real issue I have with these large blockchains is the processing power required for verification. A modern laptop cannot even handle Bitcoin today. I’ve never let my surface book 2 try to complete it, but it looks like it would take at least 2 weeks.

So, I recently did a test on an unused server I have at work - Xeon 16 core and 32gb ram on a fiber connection. Gave the Bitcoin program 16gb ram and it still took a day to download the blockchain.

The core wallet is going to become unusable for the average person in the next 10 years. Pools will have to store their wallets on huge instances in AWS and even that will have a limit.

What happens 50 years from now? 100? You might need 10s of thousands of capital investment to participate in network verification. That doesn’t seem like a good future proof design to me.


I don’t know how what happened to this thread, but I’m okay with that.

You should put down the FBI trying to kill Peercoin in 2017 by seizing its primary exchange, BTC-e. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Do you have a good quote for that? :hamburger: