The Raspberry Pi node project has ended for now

The “Peercoin on Raspberry Pi” project is now out of funds and has finished for the moment.

Full data wasn’t recorded but to give a rough summary:

  • The thread ran for 3 years and 6 weeks
  • There were 144 confirmed nodes. However, including those who weren’t eligible for reward or didn’t post payment address, the number is possibly around 150 or higher
  • There was an average of a new node every 7-8 days, though most came at times of Peercoin price increases
  • ~1910 PPC was given in rewards
  • As far as I can tell it has been the thread with the most views and most replies on the Peercoin forum

A lot of people helped with donations, making it easy to set up nodes, answering questions, and raising awareness, in particular @NewMoneyEra @Tea42 @peerchemist @mably @irritant @willy @Sentinelrv and more I can’t think of because the thread has run for so long :wink:

I don’t plan on being involved with this going forward so it will be taking a break. If anyone would like to see it continue then please post in this thread or PM me, whether you are interested in helping run the project or donating funds. Thanks.


Thank you for keeping this project running for so long, and for the mention!

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@river thanks so much for all your consistent and positive efforts in maintaining this thread. I believe this “Peercoin on RPi nodes” incentive program is important to the longterm health of the Peercoin network.

I am sad to hear you are leaving the project, but no doubt you have done an extraordinary job. Thank You.

I am glad to send enough PPC for tips to anyone who has a substantially long and good reputation and wants to continue this project. PM me or reply to this message if you are interested.


Thanks for your great work handling this project @river :slight_smile:

I was just going to do this this weekend :cry:

Agreed, it’s very helpful in starting more nodes and generating interest from newcomers and getting them involved. I would like to see it continue if possible.

I’m hopeful that someone here will take you up on that offer and we can get it back up and running. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Does that mean, that there is no other (inherent) incentive to have full nodes running? Oh my god, that is a real protocol flaw!

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keep going

302 active nodes be like

spending thousands on their high end hardware.

What altruism can do.

I wouldn’t say that. The Raspberry Pi program is more like a fun project to get people involved and running a full node. It’s not necessary for the health of the network to keep the project going. We have observed that the number of full nodes rise and fall along with Peercoin’s price. It is not necessary to have a direct incentive to run a full node. It’s similar to those who voluntarily seed torrent downloads for free. As Peercoin rises in price, our node count will naturally rise along with it. I would say the Pi program is there more for drawing in new people and getting them involved and learning about Peercoin/Peerbox, etc…

@mikeumus you get an RPi node running with more than eight connections, post a picture here as everyone did in the thread above and I will send you a tip. Ok?

Sad to see this project come to an end

As someone who is new to Peercoin.

The Raspberry pi program is what made me aware of Peercoin, its community and its capabilities, and made me research and understand this particular currency, over the 890+ cryptocurrencies currently on the market.

I am a strong believer in opensource / community development, and although my programming skills are far from the level of the devs on here, I am looking into how I can assist with the project. - so yes the Raspberry Pi program definitely brings attention to the project, and will bring over a lot of talented coders from the Raspberry Pi dev enthusiasts community.

And yes, I was quiet excited when I saw the 10 coins in my wallet - which motivates me even more, to contribute to the project, and keep those 10 coins valuable.