The Peerunity logo

This has been on my mind for a while, so I might as well say it: the transparent nature of the Peerunity logo is not, in my view, a good thing

When you look at the logo at the bottom of, its predominant colour is black

When you start to load the Peerunity client, the first thing you see (while loading) is a grey-blue version of the logo - because the loading graphic is grey-blue

When the client is open, the mini-logo (top left) is is blue, because it is against a blue bar

At this location, the logo is white -

It is also white on the Peerunity facebook page -

But here, it is black again -

In short, I think we need to decide on a single, fill-in colour. Otherwise, it undermines brand recognition, etc.

This is a fair perspective on the issue.

I kind of like the black color. I don’t think the transparency is that bad, though. What did you have in mind, RobertLloyd?

The logo at the bottom of the forum is not supposed to be black. It’s supposed to match the background of the forum. I’ve been meaning to fix it for FuzzyBear, but I haven’t had time.

Also, this concern was brought up when we were first making the Peerunity logo and everyone voted to go ahead with it anyway. The logo consists of the golden ring and P and nothing else. The background is not part of the logo.