The Future of Proof-of-Work

“Unbelievable power 100 BTC per day”,

I saw some one meter high transparent glass tanks, with 1/3 the depth of the liquid inside,soaking the numerous green PCB board, silent boiling and bubbling. Each glass tank have its own copper pipes, and connect to a small cooling machine. Steam condensed liquid in the above,occasionally, a drop down. LED lights are in the flashing constantly, which bring a lively active feeling.
[img width=600 height=449][/img]

Why not just produce real useful physical goods and trade it for Peercoins instead of wasting so much electricity?

As far as I can see, PPC still needs some PoW miners like Asicminer to maintain a break-even level so that the PoS miner could prevail.

This is the danger of BTC long-term. What happens when mining advances to the point there are only a few huge specialized facilities? They become targets, and the security of the network can be easily compromised. Plus, I can’t even imagine the amount of electricity one of those facilities wastes…shameful.

It is extremely energy efficient, BUT it still would be using a lot of power for sure.