Testing version 0.12

Please join us in testing peercoin version 0.12 on test network, it is highly likely that you will need to resync from scratch if you haven’t paid close attention to releases, as testnet has forked multiple times since late last year.

Binaries are available for major operating systems

Please report of any issues here or on github issues.


  • rebase to bitcoin 0.23
  • rfc20 reduces pow difficulty on new pos blocks if pow block overdue
  • rfc5 prunes 0 value outputs from utxo set
  • v12 activation will happen on main network after 12:00 UTC on 17th of April 2023
  • super majority of 90% is required for v12 fork to activate rfc20 and rfc5
  • getblockchaininfo rpc command shows state of v12 activation
  • client caches coinstake input transactions to reduce disk access
  • qt wallet minting probability default is set to 30 days
  • various bug fixes and improvements