Teehe AMA on Reddit.com/r/cryptocurrency


we in Teehe want to host AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit in following days.
If you are not sure what is AMA check out this old crypto related AMA’s:

So, community asks questions and Teehe managers answer.
Why do I ask this here? We need publicity, and we need few people who will be on our side to start the talk so AMA does not get ignored.

Also, we expect heavy resistance from trolls over there - especially since we use Peercoin technology and not BitShares/NXT/Counterparty. It will get ugly at some point, if discussion evolves. It is known trolls lair for BitShares people, who are not really famous for favouring civilized discussion.

If that is so, why do we want it?
As I have said we need publicity, and this will get us some.

We will organize it when those wiling to join us reach consensus when it is best to so.