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[size=10pt]Syscoin 2.0 is a cryptocurrency based the Syscoin 1.0 originally launched August 14, 2014. This thread is a continuation of this thread, which was the Syscoin 1.0 launch thread. Syscoin is unique fintech asset that offers much more than simple currency transfer. Syscoin provide an entire marketplace ecosystem built around the SYS token but cross-compatible with Bitcoin (BTC) as well. Unlike many coins the features below are not on the roadmap they are live and in production launched April 30th, 2016 as version 2.0. Value from the 1.0 chain as of block 880510 was migrated to the 2.0.[/size]

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[size=10pt]We have much more development planned throughout 2016 and beyond as well. Please check out our ROADMAP which we’re constantly updating.[/size]

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[size=10pt]June 3rd, 2016 - CoinTelegraph: “Syscoin is like eBay”: Interview with Developer of Decentralized Marketplace Cryptocurrency

May 21st 2016 - Syscoin 2.1 and Blockmarket Updates

April 2nd, 2016 - Bitcoinist: Syscoin Releases Final 2.0 Beta, Cuts Supply by More than Half

April 30th 2016 - Syscoin 2.0 is Live!

March 14th 2016 - Syscoin Official Microsoft Azure Development Partner

February 29th 2016 - Syscoin 2.0 Final Public Beta Now Available!

Ancient News Archive[/size]

[size=10pt]** This thread is a continuation of a previous, now closed thread. **[/size][/center]