Sunny King abandons peercoin, it's the hint

In that artical, SK’s word meant:

  1. POS is pasted, SPOS-VEE coin is his new target;
  2. Peercoin- it appears slower than some of their commercial competitions.
  3. Cold mining can’t be solved in Peercoin, so that’s why he joined new project.
    Find more, please check that article:

Sunny hasn’t abandoned Peercoin. He’s not only been helpful in supporting the Peercoin Foundation, but he just provided a review of the v0.7 pull request for us and added some valuable comments that we are looking into. Look for yourself…

Sunny has always been someone who values competing technologies, however he still wants to see his older projects succeed.


Peercoin has no commercial competitors.

Oh yes it can.
He joined a new project as it pays. Simple as that.

Also, Vee is not a coin but a platform.

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When will Cold Mining be implemented?

That isnt really relevant to the topic. It is tied to rfc0004 which i am happy to talk about in another thread if you want.

I think whatever drove sunny king to create peercoin is long dead

SK commented on rc5 a couple days ago, which is why we have an rc6. Think what you will though, this whole thread is just unfounded rumors anyway.

This thread is salty speculators.