Submit your Questions for Sunny King's Upcoming Interviews (Post v0.4 Release)

My questions for Sunnyking are:

  1. What are you thoughts about integrating Primecoin and Peercoin? Either at wallet level or even deeper. E.g. Peercoin as low transaction savings account and Primecoin for high-performance, day-to-day transactions.

  2. What are you thoughts on exchanges and the increasing legislation on them to comply? Is that a viable model for cryptos and Peercoin specifically going forward or should we focus on distributed exchanges? Would you add a distributed exchange to Peercoin’s roadmap or would you rather look at solutions outside the Peercoin network (third party)?

  3. What would be the timeframe for v0.5? Does releasing an ‘official’ update once a year fits in your strategy? Would you be comfortable having the community releasing interim updates between the major releases even if these doesn’t necessarily follow your strategy? Where would you draw the line? Forks, UI, features?

Just want to vote for some question, which have been posted before.

- Could you paint us a picture of where you see the cryptocurrency economy in 2020? - What is Peercoin's role? - What is the specific market demand, which Peercoin will serve as a backbone currency? - How does the current transaction fee model fits to these market demands? - In order to develop Peercoin and prepare it for your visions, what are the main steps, we - you and the community - have to initiate?


There is some confusion in the community about the purpose of Primecoin, how it relates to Peercoin, and how it should be marketed. Could you please comment on the relationship between Peercoin and Primecoin, and their intended respective purposes?

Keep them coming, these are great!

  1. What’s behind the PoS difficulty and its minting mechanism? (I saw split transactions for <90days like and merged transactions like:
  2. Is it possible to remove checkpoints if there is only 1 PPC PoW mining pool survive?

With the current primecoin difficulty > 10, record breaking chains of length 9 and below found and submitted to pools as shares are lost. Do you consider this an issue and are the plans to overcome this issue?

Length 13 chains of all types have been found (primecoin) though since the last record a considerable time has passed. Do you think we are running into limits of the primecoin POW as a discovery tool for novel prime chains ?

Do you see RieCoin as a treat to primecoin?

I’m working as a “data scientist” (large-scale biology and sequence analysis, setting up workflows and providing understandable ways to visualize such data usually through web-interfaces, as a PostDoc). If I were to ‘donate’ a week of my time to develop something for primecoin, what would you like me to create ?

My question to Sunny is simply… Pint?

If you ever decide to remove Proof-of-Work from Peercoin, what criterion might you use to make such a decision?

Mike Hearn recently announced that his next version of BitcoinJ would work exclusively over the TOR network, would you support or oppose this if it were for Peercoin? Why?

We should start prioritizing these questions soon.

I notice a lot of good ones by NewMoneyEra. I wonder if his priority has changed on which ones he’d like an answer to the most. I know it will be easy to say “all of them”, but they should be listed in order of priority.

Or does that happen with the vote?

[quote=“ppcman, post:30, topic:1761”]We should start prioritizing these questions soon.

I notice a lot of good ones by NewMoneyEra. I wonder if his priority has changed on which ones he’d like an answer to the most. I know it will be easy to say “all of them”, but they should be listed in order of priority.

Or does that happen with the vote?[/quote]

Hi ppcman,

Yes, I feel a bit guilty about asking so many questions. So, here is another one. :o :-[

Why do questions and answers have to be constrained to a chat format?

I would prefer Sunny answering questions in an untimed format. So that the questions he finds interesting he can give his best on.

As to prioritizing questions: I would prefer that Sunny chooses the ones he is most interested in answering.

Yes, I agree. Or, he could just peruse this thread and answer what he would like.

I don’t think sunny will avoid challenging questions. He is not that kind of person.

I also do not see , why the Interview has to be via chat. I love the Idea of sending him a mail so he has time to formulate answers without time pressure.

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Preferable, in my opinion, would be a pair of sticky threads. The first thread might be titled something like “Peercoin Questions for Sunny” and the second thread might be “Sunny’s Peercoin Answers”.

The first sticky thread would contain questions posed but not answered. Once a question is answered by Sunny, then a thread moderator would move the question with its answer to the second sticky thread the “Sunny’s Peercoin Answers” thread.

If, Sunny answers a question with “Idiot!” haha, then such a question would go into the place of shame at the bottom of the second thread. If he answers with “too vague”, “Not Applicable”, or “TL;DR” then these question/answer pairs would be placed next to the bottom of the second thread. The questions with Sunny’s longest most complete answers could be placed at the top of the Sunny’s Answers thread: where they would remain as a resource for everyone regarding Sunny’s thinking about Peercoin.

Would a scheme like this be desirable?

Better submit to Sunny after the 0.4 release. Not sure if he will sit down to answer the questions before the release compaign is over.

Guys, I tasked Ben and iheartcryptocoin with handling the interview and taking questions. If you have any questions or feedback about the process, please get in touch with them. Maybe they’ll answer you in this thread too.

Possible question, if not already asked: in an earlier interview, SK says he is keeping an eye on the political situation. Could he elaborate on what he sees on the horizon as political threats (and opportunities)?

Question: Sunny, What do you think is the biggest threat to Peercoin as a crypto-coin ?


Question: Is this attack feasible, to manipulate the mining difficulty? It was left as an open question on the thread. See;all

I recall not so long ago Vladimir Butvin (not correct spelling) of Ethereum interviewing (chatting) Sunny on Peercoin - a possible question for Sunny is therefore: “Will you be interviewing Vladimir Butvin on Ethereum?”

Status Update (28-Mar-2014):

We haven’t forgotten about these questions, and, assuming nothing blows up between now and then, I’ll be working with IHC to collate and de-dupe them into a set of categories. Once that is done, we’ll post individual polls for each category to ask the community to vote on the individual questions that they would like to see answers for, first.

While the expectation will be to get answers from Sunny regarding the community’s highest rated/request questions, first, ALL questions will be forward, so it may be possible that we’ll see responses to questions outside those “top” ones.

The format for the Q&A sessions will be published as soon as we’ve proposed and reached an agreement with Sunny. Please let me know if you have any questions at all on the process.

REMINDER: You’ve still got time to submit any new questions that you’ve come up with, and I’ll give a 24 hour warning for submissions that will make their way into the community vote.