Started Career in Programming Fileds

Hello All,

This is the first post in Peercoin forum. I am a computer graduate and want to start my careers as developers. I know about Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies , Bitcoin and Ethereum is best example of this. As a startups I want to create my own currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum Gold. Is this possible? and What technologies needs to do this? I am very versatile in PHP,Python, Java and other technologies who is related to app development. But I don’t know about blockchain technology and how to do it’s works. If anyone here who know about this please let me know.


you could join
and read about peerassets

Is it not difficult to begin with?

Creating and maintaining your own blockchain is a massive undertaking, especially if you are a beginner. It can even be a struggle with a full team. It would make more sense for you to join and help contribute to an existing project like Peercoin in order to become more familiar with the technology and gain experience. I think what irritant is suggesting makes sense…