Some suggestions for the forum

hi i’d thought i’d give some thoughts about the forum…

[ul][li]i know i am probably dumb, but was unable to sign-up/register for days due to problems with verification. on the maths problems i was putting the number in digits and not writing the number as a word! maybe be this should be made more clear for others?[/li]
[li]i know i’ve said it elsewhere, but the advertising is really tacky and cheapens the whole image/brand, i would get rid of it[/li]
[li]i think the forum should have a separate ‘WELCOME’ board/section for newcomers, with the introduction thread put there, rather than in the ‘Getting Started’, and it should be at the top[/li][/ul]

that’s it…

Hey r00tsical,

Many thanks for your feedback on the forum.

One of my thoughts was to have a better board name for the Getting Started and was thinking a Welcome to the forum and few threads in there just to get you familiar with the forum, the rules, the setup on post counts and the security questions so I will add this to my todo list and see if I can get this done soon.

The questions do need to be typed in and just number do not work. I need some simple questions that everyone will know and need to just be 1 word answers really as it has to be EXACT in your answer… even capital letters will make it not work.

You are the only person to complain about the ads that I have seen, I asked at the time and members liked it to show some PPC and XPM business that are up and running, had good support from the advertisers as well as they are happy to sign up for the next month etc. If you have a better way of covering the cost of running the server and my time then please do share!!


Cryptosex ad removed as they have not paid for any more advertising.
Created new boards and Welcome topics based on your suggestions ty :slight_smile:
looking into better questions and will change them

many thanks again for your suggestions


nice one!

We’ve had twitter complaints about the verification too, can we improve it?

Ok I have changed the questions to ones that should be answerable by everyone and hopefully not by bots. Will have to keep an eye on it as capcha does not work at all and some questions do not work either… had to remove some 5000 spam accounts in last few weeks from previous times.

I have lowered the captcha as well and might even remove it as bots have developed beyond them now.

Any feedback is really appreciated as I very rarely hear about it as people don’t know how to contact me regarding issues… guess i should put a contact email address but will just get spammed heavily… so the twitter feedback is useful :slight_smile: