Some advice for peercoin - 2

  1. You can do more free faucet projects and distribute a part of peercoin, which can increase the download volume of the wallet
  2. Contact institutional investors, sell the coins in the TOP10 addresses, and reduce the coins in the TOP10 addresses
  3. Contact the exchange and donate some coins for the exchange to distribute candy.
    In conclusion, only by diluting the amount of TOP10 coins and actively cooperating with exchanges, as well as more marketing activities, can the community grow. Instead of TOP10 holding a large amount of coins, it destroys the health and development of this ecology, and finally becomes a card that only a few people play.

How to get hold of some other people’s coins and sell them?

Sunny King announced the mining of peercoin on bitcointalk before August 10, 2012. The initial pow reward was very crazy, maybe Sunny King knew something.

I’ve always maintained that the initial PoW block reward should have been capped at some number. Like 500 or 250 or 200. It’s now capped at 50.

SK knew nothing, the idea was to peg the issuance to development of ASIC machines, and he has achieved that using a simple formula. Due to the simple formula and low difficulty in the early days issuance was high for the first few months.

Yes, a very good POS idea, but it was ruined by crazy POW, leading to polarization, and now it is really a headache.

At least distribution is still ongoing so headstart early miners had is getting smaller and smaller every day.

According to a post I made in August 2018, the two top addresses had between them 14.33% of PPC supply:

PR5KAV1aTkHuscQ6FmdGEM7abGwfAAWwr5 - 7.17%
PN9ZrKwPttJxM8VMsfBFtAWzbycpG2cosD - 7.16%

According to the below website, the two top addresses now have between them 13.07% of PPC supply:

PR5KAV1aTkHuscQ6FmdGEM7abGwfAAWwr5 - 6.48%
PN9ZrKwPttJxM8VMsfBFtAWzbycpG2cosD - 6.59%

So, while gradual, the process is definitely decentralising the top coin holders.


So it is working as intended.

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Averaging around 2.5%/year inflation for the address that didnt mint.