[SOLVED] Using old android wallet from MatthewLM peercoinj


I need help to move my peercoins to another wallet. I’m using the “peercoin wallet” from MatthewLM and his wallet use “peercoinj”.

I can’t just send to another wallet because the address it is not recognized. I try to use his method https://github.com/MatthewLM/peercoin-android-wallet/blob/master/wallet/README.recover but I’m stuck in the step “./wallet-tool reset --wallet=/tmp/peercoin-wallet-decrypted-backup” with this error “WARNING] The POM for com.matthewmitchell:orchid:jar:1.0 is missing, no dependency information available”

In my android I found the “peercoin-wallet-protobuf” file still I can do it anything with that. How I can decryp the protobuf file?

any ideas how to send the peercoin to another wallet? Or decryp my wallet and just move it?


thank you

Can you dump the private keys using a command like ‘dumpprivkey pxxxxx’? I’m not very familiar with that version of the software, but it is ~3 years old, meaning it isn’t operating on the v0.6 fork of peercoin last december.

Thank you Nagalim

I am trying to dump the privkey. From the README.recover file I’m on the last steps “RECOVERING FROM BASE58 KEY FORMAT”

How I can send this old peercoin to the last v0.6 fork?

Wait, so do you have the WIF of your private keys? Can you open the file:

cat peercoin-wallet-decrypted-backup

Sorry right I don’t have it, it failed, but I think so…

I need to first do the sync. So now I’m doing the “./wallet-tool sync --wallet=” step.

Ok right now I’m in the process of “sync” if I do the “dump”, I can see the wallet information, the problem now is to wait since the block is from 2015.

If someone know other method because this is taking too long.

./wallet-tool dump --wallet=/home/user/wallet-decrypted-copy
Wallet containing 0 PPC (available: 0 PPC) in:
0 pending transactions
0 unspent transactions
0 spent transactions
0 dead transactions
Last seen best block: 153999 (Fri Jan 16 13:58:57 CST 2015): 69e22…7784b1

Seed birthday: 143… [Sat Jun 06 23:02:33 CDT 2015]
Key to watch: xpu…
addr:… hash160:… (M/0H/0/0)
addr:… hash160:… (M/0H/0/1)
addr:… hash160:… (M/0H/0/16)
addr:… hash160:… (M/0H/0/17)
addr:… hash160:… (M/0H/1/0)

Ok, done! :slight_smile: I recovered my old peercoins and move to the new v6 :smile: to other out there, yes is possible XD

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