Solo mining

Ok so I have 3 xw8400 Hp quad core xeon computers and 2 dual core IBM intellistation computers. I’m curious about maximizing my mining. should i join a pool? should I just set them all up and do it on my own? I’m new and trying to figure out what’s the best way to go about this. also, i’m running the primecoin sitashi? client and it says wallet out of sync. it ran for about 24 hours and processed 319570 in that time with no coins. I get around 2800 primepersec on average. what am i doing wrong? do i need to set up a seperate wallet program? I’m lost.

I would say pool mine.

Someone was talking how they span up 10,000 workers on here the other day
Difficulty just passed 10
Looks like maybe a GPU miner has been developed and is in inner circles at the moment (pure specualtion on my part)

Pool mining you will not earn as much as the pool takes a fee… but honestly that fee is soo small compared to the variance you could have and be waiting weeks and months before you hit a block yourself solo. Also pool mining yoiu are guaranteed some coins. See how much you earn pool mining and then work out how long it takes you to mine the same coins as is rewarded in a block. If it is over 1-2 months… I say mine on a pool.