Solo mining with Coinminerz?

There is nobody mining at PPC at Coinminerz at the moment, so I thought it might have been decent way of trying to solo mine. I know it’s perhaps not proper solo mining, but if I can throw enough at it, then with a bit of luck I might find a block of my own. free netflix netflix free trial

Has anyone tried it? I gave it a little shot with Nicehash for 10 minutes, but it was a little worrying the usual address plus optional worker name didn’t show up and didn’t show any stats like it usually does. If anyone has tried it, is this something to be concerned about if you don’t see any stats, or will something only show up if you actually mine a block?

I’m thinking perhaps stats show up only if there are several miners, not just one. Or it didn’t like my PPC address or something.

Thank you,

depends on the pool software, it could be possible it only shows up during a block, but that would not be very good pool software imho , unfortunately i have to say i don’t know the answer

I am not familiar with Coinminerz, but i have mined PPC in the past using and another pool b4 their blocks found went to zero.

If you are properly mining with a pool but no blocks are found, both the pool and your miner should show stats for “shares”, attempts at hashing. Solo mining would be rare to find a block, and you would not be credited with shares.

Instead of solo mining, you can set up your own pool with UNOMP and use that with your miners, that is effectively solo mining but pool mining by yourself. Or just do pool mining.

I never used Nicehash, i use hardware.