Sold all my ppc!

I have sold all my ppc in the last few weeks. I have lost more than $80K US in it which is about my two years salaries. I would wish I never come across PPC in 2014. It is a hard lesson to learn. Wish all the ppc holders could have a good return in the future but I just could not hold any ppc any more. No longer have any faith in it. GOOD BYE PPC FOREVER!!!

It sounds to me like you bought at the absolute worst time possible, which was at the very top of the 2013 bubble. Now you’re selling at the absolute worst time possible, at the very bottom right before Peercoin starts to gain momentum again with all its new projects and media attention. Haven’t you seen what’s been going on recently with great projects like PeerAssets and PeerKeeper? The enthusiasm is returning to the project. I believe Peercoin is at the very beginning of a turnaround phase. I’m sorry for your loss, but I feel you are once again making another serious mistake at the absolute worst time possible. We’ll see though.


I feel sorry for your loss Percy, we are all on the same boat here, booking losses day after day after day is not funny at all, especially when every other cryptocrap out there is being pumped beyond any reasonable limit.
The truth is that despite the enthusiasm and the work of many over here PPC has underperformed almost every other coin out there in the last 2 years, a lot of people seem to have lost faith in this project and in proof of stake coins in general.
I would hug you if i could.

I have written several times in the forum, “I’ve written a lot before”
new projects that are important.
not listen to advice

peercoin doesn’t know what is community initiative, this is a very bad situation.

I suggest:

We need to change the code peerco.
Let’s close this vulnerability

This will be a great advertisement.

This proposal is an attempt. So why?
We’re doing something different and great.

This vulnerability is too big,

I’m sorry to hear that.
This is exactly why we should avoid pumps and hypes, it creates a few winners but a lot of losers.

Let’s face it, it is to be expected that PPC is slowly losing value these days.
We have inflation due to minting and a mining cost (also inflation) that is covered by the entire network.
While we have no influx of money due to services provided on top of our chain.
But make sure to realize that this is true for 99% of the current blockchains, these are just pumped and dumped for the benefit of a few.

However, for Peercoin time is changing interesting projects are being developed and will be showcased in the near future.
These project should truly deliver value and provide a steady influx of capital into our blockchain.
Peercoin’s future is bright if you ask me, but we’ll have to live with the fact that the price will continue to go down until these projects start up.
The best way to accelerate this process is by getting involved or donating to the projects that you believe are most promising.

If you’d like to learn more about my reasoning, listen to my radio interview:

Thanks for the cheap PPC chump.


I think it’s smart to know “why” you invest in “what”. For me peercoins is a bet on the failure of PoW. It could also go up for other reasons, but mainly it is for me a bet/hedge against PoW. Therefor I buy both bitcoins and peercoins. I’ve been very profitable so far, hence I it isn’t a problem for me if the peercoins goes down in value a whole lot.

If everyone did the same thing as I do, no-one would have issues with peercoins going down in value and would actually be able to afford to buy more if it goes down.

I’d just like to wonder for a moment what the price of ppc would be if percy had put the $80k into ppc dev instead of just sitting by idly hoping someone would make him rich quick.

Very good question. :slight_smile:

If you watched what he did… he bought in, and then sat there complaining in the forum every now and then figuring that would raise the price – posting complaints. We didn’t need complaints. We needed support, ideas, and help instead.

what santi said:

This is actually good news!

I really hope long term peercoin does rise in value. For a store of wealth crypto to work it needs to have significant monetary value.

Meanwhile PPC is being sold down to 0,00046 at BTCe.
Looks like our little Percy was right, or we are at point 12 in the above chart :)!

Loving these prices.

We are going down on high volume. Coinmarketcap shows $300.000 for the last 24 hours.
Going down on high volume should mark the bottom according to common technical analysis.
The even higher volume in August does not count, because from 7th to 31st August there was no trading fee on BTC-E. They had their 5 year anniversary.

Unfortunately I bought too early at 0.00057. Oh I bouth Peercoin too early so often :-/. I think I would have 4-5 times as many peercoins if I had kept all bitcoins that I spent on Peercoin so far and bought only one stake at 0.00046.

But I trust in our tech and in our community. That’s why I keep buying Peercoin.

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The OP is a constant complainer and I feel the only purpose of this thread is to discourage existing Peercoin supporters, so I’m going to lock it.

It is a good thing you are back to buying last month. =) you must have profited a lot.
Welcome aboard PPC.