Snow White : Provably Secure Proofs of Stake

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Interesting that the information did not mention checkpointing early proof of stake chains, nor 520 block confirmations for a block to be valid.

It appears to be nothing to see here.

Some one should do a paper on how OFTEN people show up and disclaim that Proof of Stake can’t work, even if we see it working.

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Trolls are posting threads like these all over. Eth & Dash are running. They are diff algo’s & the pumpers are in full pumping mode.

Delete these threads if they provide nothing more than speculation without merit.

As a absolutely better, less energy demanding blockchain that has the ability to be flexible like SK has done… it’s golden & a matter of time.

People do not understand, the benefits that come from all different blockchains.

Imagine when 25% of those ASIC miners turn towards PPC because it is already more profitable than BTC to mine atm… LMAO @ .32 :wink:
It would be nice to see some enhancement for PPC to bring in some more devel’s like hardware wallets, alt coin etc…

I truly would love to see Primecoin an altcoin of PPC for merge mining LOL PeerFect!

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