Smart Property Example?

Suppose I issue 1000 “yellow rabbit” assets. For lack of a better example say these assets correspond to concert tickets to attend and see the band “yellow rabbit”. To enter the concert each person should prove they own a “ticket” of “yellow rabbit”. The price for each “ticket” is 5 peercoin.

Can I create a smart contract such that the first 1000 payments of 5 peercoin will be awarded 1 “ticket”? Can I create this contract to execute automatically on the blockchain?

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This is posssible. It would require a new issuance mode. It would likely be easier to run a script locally that issues the yellow rabbit token in response to receiving peercoin at an address. This would not require a new issuance mode.

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Allow me to take it 1 step further.

Each asset or “ticket” corresponds to an actual seat in the concert hall. The seating chart is disclosed. So individuals can pay for a reserved seat by purchasing a specific “ticket” which corresponds to a particular PeerAsset card in the deck.

Would I need to create a separate payment address for each “ticket”? Do people indicate their designed seat in op return? Or some other way?

maybe it is possible to number the tickets?

Tickets can be numbered. Though how is the ticket number specified at payment? Separate address for each ticket number? Metadata in the payment?

You can make another issuance mode (this is equivalent to storing it in metadata), or do it chronologically, or whatever creative solution you can come up with. The world is your oyster.

You also don’t necessarily need other people’s clients to register your issuance modes if this is for a private venue. You could, for example, disallow hawking of tickets by invalidating the issuance mode for the normal PA client and having a custom made client.