Signing address

This topic is for publishing an address which one can use to sign documents and other people can use to verify that the document has indeed been signed with the address.

mhps has the PPC address PUBP8EtapyJeL8Qb62YLu4EdRqbc9ky1A5 for signing.

The signature for the above line signed with the address (using Peerunity File->“Sign/verify message” , without [return]) is H9f74lV3mBSiBMod+/cXQW1jkKR9PnxpOU5MEW3UTnYxES/yB9XhOxKEpTbr5M7JfJCK/0ZwLyH6aDadyPzBm00=

[edit to add:] By signing the known text (here from “mh…” to “…ing.”) everyone can verify that the post writer controls the address as claimed. Then by using this address to sign any text and showing the signature generated from signing, the post writer puts his/her ID, and public reputation associated with the ID, behind the signature.

[edit to conform with ULC01100001v0.0]

“mhps” is in possession of the Peercoin address “PUBP8EtapyJeL8Qb62YLu4EdRqbc9ky1A5”.


rechtsanwalt has the PPC address PDQLTUjStMFGyFHxCj8CmAEea7Wf4oywkq for signing.


“backpacker69” is in possession of the Peercoin address “PEERsEKdVUZSThGK6Khg3DDCByt9S9E8fz”.


I can verify @rechtsanwalt and @backpacker69. I cannot verify @mhps or @ecurrencyhodler. Perhaps there should be an explicit formula to use, so that we have no questions what the message is?

I Pm’d you the message I used to sign.

In this thread the signature is from signing some text in the post. My signature is from signing the message claiming the ppc address.
The signature from signing some text is sent to whoever demands signing the text.

I am getting the same result as you. I clearly remember verifying my signature, and later @ecurrencyhodler posted above.

This is very strange, It doesn’t seem to me a casual error (e.g. extra space, [enter]…) . @ecurrencyhodler can you run the verufying of the message in the post again?

By the way I re-signed the message with peerunity, then signed again with ppcoin-qt. The signature changes for every signing. This is a known issue.

ppcoin-qt doesn’t seem to have verify message function.

I tried to verify the qt-generated signature with peerunity, and failed, which is perhaps due to format difference related to the above issue. So ppcoin.qt doesn’t help here.

My peerunity is 0.22 ppcoin-qt is 0.5.2. Both on 32bit win7.

same here, i can verify @rechtsanwalt and my own, but not @mhps or @ecurrencyhodler.
i have used peercoin 0.6 for sign/verify.

You need to sign the message “ecurrencyholder owns Pxxxx address” so we can link your signature to your name. Ill write this up formally later so people dont have so many questions.

There are two things you need to sign. One is for the public to associate your address with your name. The other is the NDA which can be signed in private and given to just mhps and the board.

ok. I’ll sign the same address with the following 2 messages later today:

  1. Ecurrencyhodler owns this address

  2. NDA agreement.

@mhps can you confirm that you see my NDA agreement?

For the public one, just wait like a day and I’ll produce a quick writeup.

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You already signed the NDA and I have verified it. Now you only need to sign the claim sentence. See your PM.

I just noticed that you edited the original post (#2 in this thread ) on Sept 24 to substitute a previous signature with the NDA one. What was the previous one (“IG…”) ? I cannot verify it against the claim sentence.

do you want me to repost the signature I used to sign the NDA? I accidently resigned the transaction and put that one instead.

ULC01100001v0.0 – Identity Signatures.pdf (118.6 KB)

I’d personally love it if y’all would use my template, including the quotes around the pseudonym. The sentence structure is:

“Your Name Here” is in possession of the Peercoin address “Pxxx”.

No. Edit the address-publishing post (#2 in this tread) to substitue the signature (“IL…”) with the one generated from signing the claim sentence

ecurrencyhodler’s PPC address: PLUuMCRZxpFeQGXE56bwWm3DRNBd8gJEgi

Or follow @Nagalim’s instruction in ULC01100001v0.0 just posted.


I can verify that. My only issue is that you left out the period at the end of the sentence.

I can verify the signature. Since you made a new post don’t forget to delete the first signature post of yours.

Ok last one. I apologize for all the difficulty.

Address: PLUuMCRZxpFeQGXE56bwWm3DRNBd8gJEgi


“ecurrencyhodler” is in possession of the Peercoin address “PLUuMCRZxpFeQGXE56bwWm3DRNBd8gJEgi”.