Shouldn't PoS currencies gain when PoW currencies fail?

Why is peercoin price dropping when PoS is a better alternative to bitcoin and all the other currencies that use PoW?

Because traders are not all aware of what PoS exactly is. Bitcoin represents THE “only” viable crypto-currency on a large scale to them. Hence, if Bitcoin fails all crypto fails (still according to traders). Also some would prefer exit crypto than switching for an alternative coin, but that’s a different story.

Sooner or later people will realize PoS is the alternative, but it doesn’t mean they will all want to try crypto again.

Both Bitcoin and “alternative” cryptocurrencies such as Peercoin generally move in the same price direction at the same time. I think this is because, if Bitcoin is doing well, traders expect alternatives to also do well. I could be wrong, but that’s my assessment after watching these markets for a while.

I just joined this forum, so I don’t know how active members are in spreading the message of PPC, and how active the development team is (and you should upgrade the forum to a more modern software), but is looking awesome (great videos). And you have been building this currency up for many years. It seems like a great foundation to build on. Let’s hope PoS beats PoW in its tracks sooner rather than later.

We are just keeping it secret so that we, too, could buy peercoin at $0.25 like sent did :wink:

Seriously, most people are just discovering the real issue with POW. It takes time for ideas in sink in.

$0.15 cent actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

FuzzyBear was here earlier than me though, so who knows how much he has.

Argh. OK. Bring it on, bitcoin!

What are you doing to promote PPC and make it stand out from the crowd? I’d like some bullet points I can throw around in discussions.

idk, but there is

idk, but there is[/quote]

we need updated presentation. Something fit for 2015, when people know what is PoS but think about it as it is premined scam (NXT, Blackcoin)

most new coins are pos now.

The crypto crowd don’t get PeerCoin nor Backbone in the same was as FIAT people don’t get crypto.

That is why still after all these years Peercoin has no competitor.

Every other coin is about

'muh blocksize
'muh confirmation time
'muh tps
'muh retail
'muh swiss kinife aproach
'muh tipping
'muh gateway (ripple)
'muh ballooned blockchain.

Peercoin is all about a single clear goal, backbone currency. Down load the client and see how thin it is, and have a look at the boundary condition’s / set up. The larger amounts you send the cheaper it is.

Eventually the large institutions and serious money wants to exchange, they will likely use Peercoin not BTC.

One may only speculate as to why the price is dropping (or rising). Personally, my objective is to break people away from the habit of judging the value of any given digital currency according to a fiat currency, such as the dollar. This is comparing apples to oranges. What really gives value to any kind of money is the character of the person(s) who own it, and how they relate to each other. What I love about digital currency is that those who hold the keys own the coins while fiat currency is the property of the institution that prints it. My recent encounter with POS and PPC has kicked my appreciation up another notch or two.

[quote=“tbdunamis, post:12, topic:3252”]… break people away from the habit of judging the value of any given digital currency according to a fiat currency, such as the dollar.[/quote]That’s excactly how I thought, too. Because what happens when the USD starts getting hit by “BTC-style” crashes, and hoards of sheeple no longer give a fuck about the dog or farmer, and best of all: their fellow sheeple keeping them in line. Then, of course, the “value” of e.g., PPC in USD crashes, too, but since PPC/PoS is the future of money, people will start appreciate it for what it is; a fair currency system; an alternative to fiat. Am I thinking correct here?

It looks like it to me. A crisis is usually the thing that is necessary to make people consider another way of operating.