September 3rd PeerAssets Status Report


Simple status report for those who don’t follow github.

I will cover three core components, pypeerassets as the reference protocol implementation, pacli as reference client and the official protocol specification.


  • pypeerassets tests are being reworked in py.test framework, which makes writing tests easier and less time consuming. Tests are important to ensure that code has no bugs and works as intented.

  • Recently we got Cryptoid to start a Peercoin-testnet explorer, which has allowed us to increase the scope of our testing on the testnet. Pypeerassets got a fully functional cryptoid provider as well, and can use it as a backend now.

  • We continue with our efforts to move away from using local Peercoin node as a backend, we have implemented a light API which enables us to sendrawtransaction from light client. So cryptoid backend and this API allow us for majority of functionality.

  • @saeveritt started the experimentation with using Peercoin private keys to encrypt messages using Fernet encryption method.

  • @saeveritt is finishing the transaction signing within the pypeerassets library, final piece we need to drop dependency on the local Peercoin node and allow pacli to be a light client.

protocol specification

  • Just today we have merged in support for the token-fees, meaning that now tokens can have a per-transaction fee denominated in native token.
  • There is a new issue mode called MONO - which mandates that all token transactions have amount equal to one. This is useful in some scenarios.


  • pacli has been ported to click CLI framework, it’s much nicer to use now
  • pacli can now handle private keys, using gpg encrypted keystore. This allows pacli to be able to act as a standalone client.


After this is implemented I’ll be confident enough to launch it on the mainnet:

  • pypeerassets transaction signing
  • completed card parsing logic (against deck rules)

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How soon can you use it formally?


I tweeted this and added it to the first post.


I really don’t want to make any promises.


Good,just carry on it!


When we will see any .EXE files for testing?