Scammed by Black arrow mining company? please use this template


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to you as your name and contact details have been passed to Thames Valley Police who are looking into a number of complaints that have been lodged with the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau in the UK in relation to a company called Black Arrow.
I should say at the outset that there are a number of ways this matter could proceed. If it is decided that there appears to be sufficient evidence to warrant a criminal investigation then Thames Valley Police will take the matter forward though ultimately it will fall to the Crown Prosecution Service to determine whether charges should be laid. If Thames Valley Police consider there is insufficient evidence to investigate this as a potential criminal offence or the CPS fail to authorise criminal charges then you may wish to deal with any losses you feel you have suffered through the civil courts. Thames Valley Police will advise you in due course of the outcome of the enquiries it is currently undertaking.

In order for me to consider the matter further I should be grateful if you would let me have a response to the following:

  1.   What was your understanding of the terms and conditions of the product you were purchasing from Black Arrow?
  2.   Do you have a copy of these terms and conditions? If so, please scan and forward these to me.
  3.   In simple terms, how did you intend using the product you purchased from Black Arrow?

I look forward to hearing from you,


Mark Bennett | Civilian Investigator | Force CID Reading | Thames Valley Police,
Castle Street, Reading RG1 7TH| Int - 7516101| Ext -01189 536101"